Boss Man Youth Association Saddle

Bossman Youth Association Saddle

Bossman Youth Association Saddle (our kids saddles are 12" this is size we offer for kids in Association Saddle)
ssociation Saddles are built to last, excellent construction and durability make this a premium choice for ranch and feed lot work. They can also be used as a heavy duty mountain and trail riding option. They offer a deep seat with a 4" cantle that provides excellent rider positioning and comfort.  All Associations come with everything featured in the photo. All custom associations take about 30 days to build. 

Cantle:  4" cantle-
straight up pencil roll rawhide edge (standard)

Seat:  hard-rough or slick (standard)
         Suede padded
         Smooth padded

Association seat sizes available:
 10" - $615.00    12" - $655.00

Horn: dally (standard)  height: 3 1/2"  width: 2 1/4" cap 

Rigging:  Double-D (standard)
            7/8" drop plate

Made of the finest leather and designed to provide comfort for your child and their horse.
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