Bossman Roper Saddle

 Bossman Roper Saddle

Bossman Roper Saddle: Roping saddles are designed for superior performance in team roping and calf roping events and can also be used as a general riding saddle or as a ranch work option.  Adult ropers weigh roughly 40 pounds. All ropers come with everything featured in the photo. All custom ropers take about 30 days to build. 

Cantle: 3 1/2" same options as wade tree

Seat: hard-rough or slick (standard)
         Suede padded
         Smooth padded

Roper Seat Sizes available:
 14" , 14.5" , 15" , 15.5" , 16" , 17" , 18"

Horn:  Dally (standard) height: 3 1/2"  width: 2 1/4" cap 

Rigging:  double-D

Acorn tooled
Made of the finest leather and designed to provide comfort for you and your horse.
$1050.00 Contact us to order