Bossman Barrel Saddle

Bossman Barrel Saddle

Barrel: Saddles are designed for superior performance in speed events and can also be used as a lightweight trail riding option. They offer a deep seat with excellent rider positioning. Adult barrels weigh roughly 30 pounds. All barrels come with everything featured in the photos and all include aluminum stirrups. All custom barrels take about 30 days to build.

Cantle: 4"

Seat:  Hard-rough or slick (standard)
          Suede padded
          Smooth padded

Barrel Seat Sizes available:
10", 12", 12.5" , 13" , 13.5" , 14" , 14.5" , 15" , 15.5" , 16"

Horn: barrel horn height: 4"

Rigging:  double-D

Our finest Barrel Saddle with Tooled Basket Weave
Made of the finest leather and designed to provide comfort for you and your horse.
$875.00 Contact us to order